Working with Pen and Ink

Road to Wilsford
Recently I began to work once again in pen and ink. Many years ago when I was at school I used to enjoy working with pen, and in fact as a teenager I remember selling a little drawing of a squirrel to a family friend (she informs me she still has the drawing). After a recent trip around some beautiful Lincolnshire countryside, I was inspired to do take up the pen and do another drawing. My initial attempt was not helped by my cat sitting on the drawing, so I started again, and made sure this time that I kept it well away from the cat!. I soon discovered how I could make a variety of interesting marks with the pen. I also chose a textured Bockingford watercolour paper to work on. This textured surface really enhanced the drawings quality. I learnt such a lot creating this image and I am already planning another pen and ink landscape, once again inspired by the Lincolnshire landscape.
Road to Wilsford, Lincolnshire.